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Trustees and Associates

Charity No. 313712
Prof. Mike Cook, Chair
Dr. Michael Strain, Secretary
Angella Hodgson, Facilitator Training Co-ordinator
Dame Tamsyn Imison, Past Chair
Dorothy Moir
Dr. Rene Saran
Honorary Fellows
Prof. Fernando Leal
Dr. Patricia Shipley
Training Consultants
Dieter Krohn
Kirsten Malmquist
Administrator and Treasurer
Keith Martin
Financial Adviser
Kate Nathoo
Minutes Secretary
Gian Brown

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In recent years SFCP has

  • Arranged Socratic seminars for students in secondary schools, teachers of mathematics, education managers and other groups from a variety of occupational backgrounds.
  • Introduced educationists to a Socratic approach to learning and teaching. With the introduction of citizenship into the UK school curriculum, and a growing interest in philosophy, SFCP is focusing more on acquainting teachers with the Socratic method as a valuable tool for these developing subjects.
  • Sponsored Scholarly Research at doctoral and post-doctoral levels;
  • Trained new Socratic facilitators. Weekend dialogues may be arranged, facilitated by trainee facilitators.
  • Established Occasional Working Papers in Ethics and Critical Philosophy and published books.
  • Developed European networks to extend interest in critical philosophy and Socratic Dialogue among professionals across a range of disciplines, and to encourage the fostering of ethical practice in everyday life. A two-day residential conference was convened in 1999 on “Ethics in Practice in the 21st Century”.
  • Managed a mailing list of people interested in the activities of SFCP. A news bulletin is sent out from time to time and publications like the Occasional Working Papers mentioned above are listed and available on request.
  • Expanded its international co-operation with its sister organisations the PPA (Philosophisch-Politische Akademie) and the Dutch Network (see below) to organise a number of International Conferences and International Socratic Dialogues.
Southend 1st Auguest Saturday

Socratic Dialogue

Our topic is ‘Dignity’

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Summer 2015 Socratic Dialogues in Germany

English speaking groups with an international flavour.

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Socratic Method

The Socratic method encourages participants to reflect and think independently and critically. Socratic Dialogue is practised in small groups with the help of a facilitator, so that self-confidence in one’s own thinking is enhanced and the search for answers to a particular question is undertaken in common. No prior philosophical training is needed, provided participants are motivated to try the method, are willing to contribute their thoughts sincerely, and to listen to those of others. The questions, drawn from ethics, politics, epistemology, mathematics and psychology, are of a general and fundamental nature. The endeavour of the group is to reach consensus, not as an aim in itself, but as a means to deepen the investigation.

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